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April 18, 2012


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Journal Entry: Wed Apr 18, 2012, 12:08 AM
Why hello there! You all might have been wondering about my recent poll about voice acting.

Well, obviously, I will tell you.

I'm kinda bored of looping animations and I wanted to experiment more with short animations that actually end for once with a replay button. But I like shorts that have sounds, music, voices, all that good stuff in a movie. So what I'm thinking, I'm going to get me some voices! How do I do that? well, First of all, I'll have some try-outs for some of my characters and such. Best voice gets to be picked as the character! However, I won't have you choose which character, for it's going to be harder to try and act it out as them, so what I'm going to do is to have you try your best with voice acting, and I'll put you under the character that suits your voice the best!

How will I know? Simple, I'll have a list of lines for you to say, and in a tone, try to speak it. Some lines will be only for males, females, and some lines for both genders. I won't say how or what kind of accent, because It's fun to use your natural accent! It's highly encouraged to say the same exact line with a different tone/style/accent.

Now, below is a list of lines my characters would say. You have a minimum of ten lines to choose. Speaking the same line twice, but with different accents or style count as two different lines. There is no limit, you can even say all of the lines, if you want! The more, the better!
Record yourself speaking these lines, and then submit it to either DeviantArt as a flash file or Youtube with the title Ganton3 Voice Acting Try-out lines or something like that, then Note me.

It is important that you note me because I won't be able to know what you uploaded. Just send me a note with the subject relating to voice acting and send the link to the youtube video or the flash deviation

Upon deciding characters, I will reply to your note that you have been taken as a voice as one of my characters. If I do not reply to your not within a week or two, Unfortunately you did not meet the standards.

Good luck to you all and happy voice acting! (This is my first attempt at a tryout and half of these lines are randomly made ;w; )
Be sure to see which accent and voice is best for whichever lines you choose! Also, you don't have to say the exact same line, tweak it a little bit! Add a little bit of personality! If you want a line with an Australian accent, don't be afraid to add some other words too, Mate! or maybe more bloody adjectives, or weird lines that this person would say in this accent! I say!

:bulletblue:General Lines for both genders:

" Sure. "
" I suppose. "
" Not really... "
" For the last time, I said NO! "
" right... "
" please?"
" I take it you're not the only one? "
" But then He/She told me to! "
" Can I take some of that cake? ... ppleeaaassseee?! "
" Tukari, I'm your <relation[Friend, brother, sister, etc. ]>, of course I can do that. "
" Ahaha, I'm sure he/she's just joking..... right? "
" Don't you think that's dangerous?! "
" Mind your own business, okay? "
" Take that, you mindless little fiend! "
" Not a problem! "
" Given the fact that this is a tryout, I suppose I can say this line too. "
" No, I can't do that. "
" I can't believe you've just did that! "

:bulletblue:Heightened Lines for both genders, requires loud voices:
" ... Maybe he/she went out for a- OH MY GOSH WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?! "
" hahahaha! I love the smell of blood... "
" Hold still, you little...! "
" I'm coming for you! "
" Wait, you did WHAT?! "
" when did THAT happen?! "
" Just because you have that doesn't mean you can win. "
" I am always superior towards anyone! "
" DAMN YOU-- oh, we're good. "

:bulletblue: Quiet Lines for both genders, if you want to try lines in a quiet environment
" W-why are we doing this again..? "
" Was.. was that part of the plan..? "
" I suppose so. "
" Not interested "
" Shut up.. "
" Hush, she/he is sleeping.. "
" Don't wake her/him up..! "
" We're supposed to be quiet.. shut up.. "

:bulletblue: Youthful Lines for both genders most preferably female voice actors , for Young Characters.
" Tukari? When is big brother/sister coming home? "
" I'm scared.. "
" I hope big sister is coming today.. "
" I.. I'm brave! I can prove it to you! "
" .... I'm sorry.. "
" H-hi.. "
" Not at all, big brother! "
" O-okay.. "
" h-hhuh..? "

:bulletblue: cutesy lines for girlish characters. Most preferably female voice actors, however some male voices are also accepted!
" Nya? Are you okay? "
" Hehee! That was fun! "
" No? awwwwwwww.. "
" nyaaaaa..... I'm tireed "
" hehee~ I know! "
" Kyu.. I'm sorryy... "
" Ice cream?! "
" Cake?! "
" Cake! Nyaaa! "
" Ice cream! Nyaaa! "
" Eeeewwww, coconut! "
" Eeeewwww, strawberry! "
" *gasp!* That's my favorite show! "
" What's thaat? "
" Ooh, this looks interesting! "
" Ooh! What does that do? "
" But I'm so curiouuss! "

:bulletblue: evilish lines for the badass characters. Most preferably female AND Male voice actors. American, Russian, Australian and British accents are most preferable.
" Not for long. "
" I'll Play with you.. "
" That was nothing. "
" Think you can beat me? "
" You won't stand a chance. "
" Back down, and maybe I won't kill you. "
" You? Why you? Hahaha! "
" Heheh... Worthless... "
" YOU.... "

Don't see any good lines?
Well that's fine!
You can also make your own custom lines! You just need to type it out in the video of the custom line while the voice is being played.

This is my first time with the voice acting, so... Tread peacefully and patiently!

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is this still open?
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Not really.. ;w; but that doesn't mean you can try~ I'd still love to hear it~
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Hey, I did one.

Lol I sound too mellow. :XD:
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Thank you for your entry! c:
LeopardAbyss Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2012
Let's see if I can pull it off..? My voice is so squeaky, I swear xD
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